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Episode 36: Triathlon Training, Diet, and Lifestyle Hacks for Peak Performance with Ryan Dreyer

August 11, 2021

In this episode of the podcast, I interview Ryan Dreyer. Ryan and I have become acquaintances recently through Twitter, similar to how all great relationships begin (only partly kidding here), and I have absolutely loved following his training, posts on nutrition and fitness, and the other content he shares.

Ryan has an intense passion for health, nutrition, and endurance sports, something that we both have in common. I wanted to interview Ryan to just talk shop about the basics of nutrition and training and his philosophy on how to live a well-balanced life, but also some of his personal practices surrounding exercise and diet.

Ryan also just completed a half-ironman triathlon. We spend a good deal of the beginning of this podcast recapping his race and talking about triathlon training. Some other topics we cover include Ryan's training routine, what he typically eats and how he thinks about his diet, and a few random topics that we are always talking about with people on social media including ice baths, caffeine and alcohol, fasting, and supplements that he uses.

Ryan also just released an awesome E-book called “Running 101.” We talk about his book at the end of the podcast. I highly encourage you to check out the book if you are interested in perfecting your running or even if, or perhaps especially if, you are just beginning to take running seriously. You can find a link to Ryan’s book in the show notes below.

Coincidentally, Ryan and I mention several different products in this podcast despite none of them being sponsors — including Primal Kitchen products, Stamets 7 mushroom blend, Redmond Real Salt, and Grim Hood's black seed oil.

However, we ARE in part supported by LMNT electrolytes, and awesome brand that makes a really quality product for athletes, anyone doing a low-carb diet or fasting, or simply those who would like to get some extra sodium, magnesium, and potassium during the day. You can check out LMNT electrolytes and even try a FREE sampler pack by using my special listener link at

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